The Beginning

First steps
We began by learning
from our mistakes !

The past

As the founder of our company, I started my career in Greek tourism when it began in Greece! Back in 1963!

I worked with tourism in Crete. I worked in a variety of tourism businesses at the time and experienced the birth of the tourism development!

15 years later I founded our company, KAPPA BETA GROUP SA under the name, Kavi Club – Travel Services in Greece. The company headquarters was and remains Heraklion in Crete.

As a travel agency, we worked and specialized in incoming tourism in Greece. We offered incoming agency services to individual visitors and tourist groups with different and varied interests.

In 1985 our activities expand throughout Greece. We are no longer just an Incoming Agency, but now we operate as a Tour Operator in Greece, offering complete vacation packages all over Greece!

We are proud of the fact that, we were the first tourist office in Greece to be certified with ISO 9001 for our services and administration.

In 1995 we expanded by establishing a second “company” under the name ECO WORLD SA again a travel agency, under the name – “Greekferries Club”.

Our company Kavi Club – Tour Operator for Greece, cooperates with more than 300 European “Bus & Fly Tour Operators” offering specialized packages of special forms of tourism in Greece.
Our new company Greekferries Club is active in the Greek Maritime.

We had the honor of being a close associate, (General Sale Agent), of SUPERFAST FERRIES and BLUE STAR FERRIES, for 15 years since the founding of the companies until 2008.

Today, Greekferries Club SA, is one of the largest Greek companies specialized in ferry trips on the Mediterranean lines, Greece-Italy and the Greek islands.

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